Sila National Park and its Agency were founded with the Regional Decree 14.11.2002. The National Park includes the territories already part of the “historical” Calabria National Park (1968), and protects areas of considerable environmental interest in Sila Grande, Sila Piccola and Sila Greca for a total of 73.695 hectares. It promotes conservation and development of traditional food, forest and farming activities as well as all typical handicrafts, sports, gastronomy and tourism. It promotes all initiatives aimed at the economical and social development of local inhabitants, propelling the eco-compatible development of the district, crossroads of history, art and culture in the Mediterranean Sea throughout centuries. A National Park is born in the “Big Wood of Italy”, where it is possible to admire breathtaking landscapes, making emotions arise and inviting people to visit and stay.


Formerly President
Dr. Antonio Garcea


Sila National Park Agency controls some among the most suggestive and wild areas of Calabria, with wide and wonderful forests, spread on mild plateaux, and exciting landscapes stretched also on Pollino, Aspromonte and Etna Mountains, on the sunny coasts of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Sea where, in clear days, it is possible to admire the overshadowing landscape of the Aeolian Islands.
There are many rural and tourist camps, as well as artistic and cultural heritage. The highest elevations are Botte Donato Mountain (1928 m.) in Sila Grande and Gariglione Mountain (1764 m.) in Sila Piccola; there are many rivers in spate having clear and fresh waters, and multipurpose artificial lakes. Fauna, mainly migratory, is numerous and varied.
It is worth to stress the importance of three excellent Visitor Centres: one close to Cecita Lake, located in “Cupone” in the municipality of Spezzano della Sila, the other in “Monaco” in the municipality of Taverna close to Mancuso Village and the third one in “Buturo – Casa Giulia” in the municipality of Albi.
The National Park offers the ideal environment to do activities and sports like walking or mountain bike tours, ridings, orienteering, bio and bird-watching, naturalistic photography, cross-country and alpine skiing, sail, canyoning and many others. Wine and food specialities offer unique and tasty typical products of the rural economy of the Silan and Mediterranean environment.

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