The park devotes particular attention to guaranteeing maximum accessibility to all its visitors. The Visitor Centers "Cupone" (CS) and "A. Garcea" (CZ) are equipped with two means of transport for persons with reduced mobility, the "Joelette" off-road wheelchairs, which allow the transport of one person, with the help of two companions, along the paths of the park. The park authority has printed informative brochures in Braille for the blind.

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Visitor Centre "Cupone"

The Visitor Centre "Cupone", besides being able to boast inside the presence of routes "carrier" for low- seeing visitors and blind visitors, has a "botanical garden" accessible both for blind people, thanks to the presence of audio panels mp3 that explain the varied essences present, (download audio files Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), both for persons with problems of deambulation. The files can be listened with a normal MP3 player, scrolling with the keys back and forth. Twenty mp3 players are available at the Visitor Centre "Cupone" for those who request them. At the entrance was placed a model of the whole area, made of marble, to allow users the easy localization of the structures present. The didactic path of the botanical garden, extended on an area of 10,400 mq almost entirely flat, runs for the 350 meters of its development on wooden sleepers delimited by a fence with handrail, showing 115 native species of mountain flora Calabrese – from Potentilla to Astragalo Calabro – arranged on land or in trays depending on size and type.

Visitor Center "A. Garcea"

At the Visitor Centre "A. Garcea", along the didactic path, there is a path dedicated to people with motor disabilities. It was then realized in collaboration with the Italian Association of Blind-section of Catanzaro a path for low-seeing people and blind, equipped with tactile signalling systems of orientation on the ground and handrails. The nature can to be ' read ' thanks to descriptive tables of the surrounding environment, made on metallic support with alphanumeric characters in the Braille language.

"Donato Campagna" Path”

The path of solidarity "Donato Campagna" is a mountain route of 3 Km realized by CAI and the Service Center for Volunteering of Cosenza in the municipality of Spezzano Piccolo in Sila, reachable from the train station of Cosenza with the train that leads to Spezzano Piccolo. The mountain path can to be traveled by disabled people who can reach the locality through the train/bus equipped with the railways of Calabria starting from Cosenza, until the train station of Righio. From here you can venture to the path and live like a conquest of the mountain Silana, admiring the beautiful landscape, lakes and fauna typical of the place.